Friday, April 11, 2008

Day Trip

This was Spring Break for most local schools, so Adam had a lighter load at church with not having to prep for youth group this week. Plus, it was my last week off before starting to work again at Kuyper College. We thought about doing a "tour" of sorts and visiting a number of people and being gone for several days.....but I didn't really think I was up for that just yet and having to deal with all of the routine and rigors with a baby's schedule. So, we opted for a day trip instead.
First, we drove to Cabela's. If you haven't heard of this place, it is a very "macho-manly-outdoorsy" type store. The boys were both wearing camo and Adam enjoyed getting some new items for his bow and such. They do make it entertaining for those that aren't "macho-manly-outdoorsy" by displaying a bunch of big stuffed animals all over the place.

Then we drove to IKEA. This is where I got excited! I just enjoy looking at all of the displays they have, plus they have so many great things that are quite inexpensive. Some of my favorite kitchen utensils are from IKEA.

Then on our way home, we stopped at an outlet mall and did some more shopping. Adam and Landon pooped out and spent some time playing in the car. But I found some fun deals!

Landon did really well with the long trip and the many hours spent in his carseat.....until we were about 10 minutes from home and then he found it necessary to start screaming. Otherwise, it was a very fun day of shopping and being in good company. Crazy to think....but Adam and I still enjoy spending time together!


Adam's mom said...

I have been missing Landon so much lately it was thrilling to see a new picture of him. Of course, I miss Landon's parents too! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Great picture!

aunt doreen said...

thanks for the new computer wallpaper! I realize that could be one of my boys and their son but that sounds so strange! Me with my single kids and you guys married almost 5 years already! WOW!

Jill,Drew, Ella too... said...

Hey guys - Landon is so CUTE! He is almost as big as Ella, who is about 1 year older (she's a peanut). We hope to see you three soon, maybe we can meet up sometime this summer - if we are in GR. Hope all is going well.

Jill & Drew