Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tweet Tweet

So, I recently discovered that a bird was buildling a nest in my hanging flower basket on our porch. How dare he?! So I took the nest out.
Several days later I went to water the flowers and I found that the bird had begun to make the nest again and there was a little blue egg in it! I coudn't kill an innocent baby bird! So I let it be.
The next day I checked on the little egg and there were 2 eggs! Oh my.
And then, yesterday I checked on them and there are now 3 little blue eggs and 1 white egg with brown speckles! This is getting interesting, isn't it?!
We will soon be the proud parents of baby birds. (I think we can be called "parents" since they are technically living under our roof). This blog will keep an up-to-date account of the happenings of the flower basket (for all 3 of you people that may actually read this).