Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wedded Bliss/Prison Break....oh, the irony

Wednesday, August 23rd marks our 3rd wedding anniversary! It's hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly and it's already been 3 years! And yet, I also cannot hardly remember what life was like without Adam. It's been amazing having you as my husband Adam. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful and loving husband. I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together and to see all the adventures that we will go on together!

Anyways. For those of you who have had enough mush....don't worry this posting isn't all about how much I love Adam and how wonderful he is and how much I miss him when I can't be with him and how thoughtful he is and how nice he looks and how much fun we have together......ok, I'll stop.

So, the show "Prison Break" has been a bit addicting to us lately. We've recently watched the 1st season and finished it just in time to see the 2nd Season premiere on Monday night. (I was very relieved to see that Dr.Tencretti didn't die....they made it look like she was dead in the last episode of the 1st season!) (Oh dear, and what happened to Veronica!??! She was nearly the only one left that knows the truth!!) (And now that they've finally made it out of prison, are they going to get caught?!?!?!?!) It's so intense!!!! It makes me have some sympathy for those in prison, but there are also some really scary characters who have done horrible things with little remorse. Anyways, albeit not everything in the show is morally sound, there are some good things to take from this: 1) an example of a very strong brotherly bond (I don't think any of my brothers would get put in prison so that they could come up with a plan to help me escape from death row - even if they knew I was innocent and framed...maybe I'm wrong....but I doubt it.) 2) sacrificial love 3) a desire to help people change 4) fighting for truth and justice.....oh, and the list could go on. Anyways. We think it's a very interesting show.

Well, that's about it on this end. Peace.


Phil Strahm said...

Glad to see you have a TV show you're addicted to.

Mine are:
-Rockstar Supernova
-My Name is Earl (it has good principles of fixing the wrongs by doing good...even if it has a little "new age karma" theology)
-and Sports...of course

Phil Strahm said...

Glad to hear you have a TV show you're addicted to...

Mine are:
-RockStar Supernova
-My Name is Earl (It has a good theme of fixing the wrongs you did by doing good, even if it has some "new age Karma" theology)
-Sports....of course

Phil Strahm said...


If you want to play the stupid tag game that's on my blog you're more than welcome....

kate chinlund said...

I am absolutely addicted to Prison Break! Last week I had Chad tape it for me while I was out with some friends, and I came home to find out the VCR wasn't working!!! Talk about an unhappy girl! So far, that is the only episode I've missed and plan on missing! What I'm trying to figure out is how the story can really have a happy ending? Sure, Linc can be proven innocent, but what about Michael? He still committed armed robbery and was behind the entire plan of breaking out of prison! How can that part of the story be made right? Do you think there will be a season 3?