Monday, April 16, 2007

All dressed up......

I stumbled upon a side job a few months back. It really kinda just got plopped in my lap. Don't laugh at me.....I think this is fun....I may be a nerd...but still, I'm enjoying it. A lady runs this business from her home and she's actually been a real blessing to get to know.

I'm cutting out patterns for doll clothes and accessories. I get paid by the hour and I do as much or as little as I want. I'm a busybody, so it does me good to have a project or something to work on when I flip the TV on.

I think the clothes are very cute. Too bad I don't have any dolls anymore. And I know most of the people (ok, all of the people) who are reading this don't have dolls anymore either. But still, if you need to check out some cute doll outfits, you can check out the site at .


Lee and Becca said...

First you are right:
Spandex + Men should not = public.
Also, I think its so funny that you cut out doll clothes! I mean how many 20something women can say that they cut out doll clothes?? You are special. :) Lee drives a school bus sometimes to sporting events and I laugh because well to imagine him as a bus's funny. I am beginning to think that I need an obscure job to fit in!

Phil Strahm said...

I only played the milk game for like 3 minutes...and youth specialties sent it to me in an there!!!!

Adam's mom said...

I would never consider you a nerd for cutting out doll clothes to earn money! Actually, I would like to do something like that too! Does she need any long distance help. :)