Sunday, August 19, 2007

Driveway Guests

We had some driveway guests this past weekend. My (Becca's) oldest brother, Dan, and his wife, Annette, and their girls Alyssa and Katherine graced us with their presence. Dan works for a company that makes these big motorhomes and he took one out for a weekend our house!!! It was fun having them visit.
The girls played with the much as the cats would allow. Clyde ended up retreating to the basement for much of the time. They really liked the new kitten though. A couple of Alyssa's name suggestions were Licksy and Pillow Fuzz.....we figured she might have some good suggestions (And no, she's not named yet....we're still working on it). And Dan and Annette, in case you didn't pick up the hint....I think the girls would really enjoy having a cat of their own. :)
The kitchen also came a LONG way in the last week. There are just a few small things left (the tile backsplash, the island countertop, etc.) It's nearly entirely functionable (except for plumbing, which is happening this week). They got to eat some of the best meals I've prepared all summer! It felt good to cook again!
Thanks for visiting us!!!! You're welcome back anytime!