Saturday, August 04, 2007

Garage Sale

We had a garage sale this weekend. I'm a nerd and I really love those sorts of things. Going to garage sales...having my own garage sales. I don't mind at all sorting through stuff, pricing things, organizing, sitting outside all day, etc., just to make a few bucks. Totally worth it to me. I even took a day off of work for it!
Several friends also contributed items and spent time sitting out with me. It actually went by really fast. The weather was supposed to be extremely hot, but we had a nice shade tree and we had free lemonade for everybody there. It was slow a few times here and there, but overall, I think we made a real nice chunk of change and were able to get rid of most of our "bigger" items. Plus, it was just fun being outside in our yard. We've lived there for over 2 years now and still didn't have a clue who some of our neighbors were down the street from us. We got the chance to meet several of them this weekend. We also had a visit from 3 women who grew up in our house (they are probably all in their 40's and 50's now). It was their 85-year old mom that we bought the house from. It was fun showing them around with all that we've done with the house. This was a good way to spend a nice summer weekend!