Friday, January 25, 2008

Say Hi to "Landon Joseph Willis"

Well, the new member of our family has finally arrived.... January 25th, 2008 at 12:02 p.m.

Now for his stats (and unlike a sports roster, I will give his actual measurements)

length: 20 inches

Weight: 10 pounds 4 ounces (yes I said 10 pounds)

Both mom and baby are doing great..... more updates and pictures to come in the days ahead.


Russ and Amy said...

WOW Congrats!!!!! that's so cool. I'm a little dissapointed he wasn't named after your favorite music director... but i'm still incredibly happy for you guys. Can't wait to meet him.

Karen said...

I've been watching your blog to see if you had delivered yet. Yeah! You look great. I cannot believe you delivered a baby >10 lbs. Way to go! I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself. I love his name--he looks great too! Congratulations!
Karen Benoit

Indy Tribe said...

He's so beautiful and HUGE.... WOW...props to the momma!!!! Congrats. We love the chub on his little legs!!!

The Chinlund Family said...

10lbs 4oz??? HOLY SMOKES! I have no idea how that big of a baby could've fit inside tiny Becca! I knew he looked big from Adam's facebook picture, but wow! Congrats you guys, that awesome news! Parenthood is wonderful, welcome to it!

Phil Strahm said...

10 lbs...that's going to be tough to top!

He may already be big enough to play the wii....Congrats!

The Rottiers said...

Congrats you guys!!
He is so cute, we can't wait to meet him. I love how big he is!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Adam and Becca!
I'm so thrilled for you.
He's very cute. What a big blessing!
Looking forward to seeing you both soon!
~Michelle Norquist

Scott & Terra Miller said...

CONGRATS!!! Scott and I are so happy for you! Can't wait to meet him! Our love to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God, and blessings on you, all three!
He is awesome; great pictures! With love, Carol Hochhalter

Catie said...

Congrats Becca and Adam! he's adorable, such a little blessing! wow Becca - he sure took the prize in size! haha glad to hear he's so healthy! =) i wonder if anyone guessed the correct weight.
we'll miss you around school and in the office, but i pray you have a great time being at home w/ your son! God bless!
Catie Jasperse

Annette said...

Congrats! What a precious gift Landon is. Best wishes as you adjust to being a family of three now. We want to see lots more pictures!

Bitty said...

Holy cow, 10 lbs! You deserve lots of candy for as long as you want, Becca! Congratulations you guys. Blessings on all three of you and the new ways your family is forming.

Adam's mom said...

Adam & Becca, Thank you so much for making me a first time grandma with such a beautiful little boy. I'm looking forward to watching Landon grow.