Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Tour

Ah, the holidays are finally over. It was really great to see so many friends and family members, but I can't imagine having to be on tour all the time. Good thing we're not rock stars. I'm not jealous of their lifestyle at all. It feels good to be at home.

Last weekend, we headed to IL to visit Adam's mom, despite a flat tire and some unpleasant weather. We had a nice time relaxing and being together.

Then on Christmas Eve, we headed to Adam's dad's house. Landon got some sweet Batman PJ's from his Aunt Jaime. It even has a cape!

On Christmas Day, we went to the extended Willis gathering. Landon is enjoying his little red wagon from his great-grandma Willis. He also got his first pair of Puma shoes!

And then we drove to Indiana for the Strahm gathering, where we celebrated on Friday with all of Becca's siblings and families. We even heard the Christmas story on flannelgraph! (My mom has been a Sunday School teacher for 40 years, it was just natural). Below is a picture of my parents with the grandkids and then a picture of me with my brothers.

On Friday night, we got together with a couple of my girlfriends who happened to be in my hometown. The second picture is of Landon and Evan, who originally shared the same due date. Evan came 3 months early and is doing amazing! This is the first time the boys met. We also saw another one of my girlfriends on the way out of town before heading back to MI on Saturday.

But before getting home, we stopped at the Curtis gathering.
Like I said, it was great.....but it feels good to be home.