Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas to Us

Ok so here is the scoop on Becca and I, and present giving/receiving. Each time it is our birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or something else worthy of present giving comes up, a few months/ weeks/ days before we usually discuss what we are going to do for these event regarding gifts, the conversation usually goes like this

Becca - “so what do we want to do for Christmas this year”
Adam - “I don’t know, what do you want to do”
Becca - “let not do presents and we will just do our normal stockings with a $20 limit”
Adam - “ok”

You can replace the word “Christmas” with any of the above present giving opportunities and this is usually how it goes…..in our conversation….. Then I usually never follow whatever rule we set up and find a way to stash some extra money from a side job or bonus that we were not expecting, and then go and buy Becca a big gift of some sort.

1st anniversary – I bought us bikes
mother’s day – got Becca a pedicure(at a salon) and some lotions she really likes
last Christmas – Bought her some diamond earrings
5 year anniversary – replaced the watch she lost but really liked and I upgraded it a little

And I am sure I have done some other fun gifts along the way. This is not to show off, just an account of what goes on in the Willis house. And I fully know that when I surprise her with the gift, this will be her response
a) She is going to be mad at me because I went against the rules we set up,
b) But then she will really like the gift I got her, but is sad because she did not get me anything

I on the other hand, really don’t care that I did not get anything because I fully expected her to follow the rules that we originally decided on, and I am never disappointed that she was not sneaky like me. I just like surprising her and her reaction is gift enough for me.

But on to why I am posting this….

while here is the WHY, Becca surprised me with this on Sunday, now she did not go out and buy it and set it all up but I came home and she asked if this TV that was on sale was a good price and I said yes and then she let me go buy it (which was the same as her going out and getting it)…. so this is our Christmas present to each other this year…. So pretty much my wife rocks and she surprised me this year, thank you Becca I love you. (it is a 32 in LCD 720i HDTV by sharp in case you were wondering)

Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless