Thursday, July 02, 2009

Time for an Update

Oh my! It's been a month since we posted last! It feels like it's flown by!
We're all moved and somewhat settled into the new house. We did lots of work (painting, carpet, etc.) before getting in. It was a bit crazy, but worth the effort (right, Adam??).
June has definately been a busy month. We moved. We had VBS for a week. Then Adam left on a backpacking trip (leaving a very pregnant woman home!). My parents came to visit during that time. And now, we're just trying to catch up from all of this!
Landon is 17 months old and learning so much these days. He thinks he can count. (When you ask him to count.....he says "2"....and that's it). We're working on the other numbers. He can tell you the sounds of a handful of different animals. He can point to a number of his body parts when asked. He's VERY active and doesn't sit still for long. He likes balls and anything with wheels. He's also learned how to throw tantrums. I think he whines and cries more now than when he was a small infant. Lovely. He's definately getting a personality and tries to be defiant at times....when we're walking hand-in-hand somewhere and he decides he doesn't want to go that direction, he just buckles his legs and falls to the ground. He's still very social and is happy frequently though. We're just seeing some new sides to him lately. Still not sure how he's going to take a newcomer into the house!

We're 2 1/2 weeks from the due date. Not sure what to think this time around. According to the Dr.'s office, I've only gained 23lbs. so far. Landon caused me to gain 33lbs. total. So, I'm quite a bit behind. Will this be another big boy? (To remind you, Landon was 10lbs. 4oz. at birth). We'll have to wait and see! Otherwise, sometimes I feel great and forget I'm pregnant and other days, I can hardly move and I feel like someone has mopped the floor with me. With all that we've been doing lately, I feel like this child has been very neglected when it comes to "thoughts," but I think that's somewhat how it goes when it's not your first child?! His room is all ready, although we still haven't decided on a name!

Anyways. There's always more to say, but I don't want this to be too long. I'll just try to post more frequently!