Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I like FREE!

I enjoy finding ways to make life work on a 1-income budget (yes, I'm still working at Kuyper College 1 day a week and yes, I still cut out doll clothes as well( ), but we try not to "live" off of what I contribute financially). Anyways. I clip coupons, scour sales fliers, garage sale, and find places to shop that help us save. Here's a fun recent deal that I came upon:

I do most of my weekly grocery shopping at Meijer. Around here, I feel like they offer the best sales and coupon opportunities. They even offer Meijer coupons at These can also be combined with manufacturers coupons for a double whammy. Anyways. Several weeks ago I found a coupon on their site for a FREE 32 oz. MVP Sports Drink (Meijer brand). I have NEVER seen a coupon for free items on there before. I might have printed out a few (Ok, 32). Turns out this was only up there for a limited time because I was telling a friend about it the next day and they had already pulled the coupon from the site. So.....I've landed us 32 FREE Sports Drinks! Yes, I think I'm cool sometimes.