Friday, October 16, 2009

Pastor Appreciation Month

In case you didn't know, October is Pastor Appreciation Month. As a body, our church is going to wonderful lengths to make their pastors feel appreciated! Being on the receiving end of this, I must say, it's very nice. :)
For the month of October, different families are bringing us dinner every Tuesday and Thursday! Some of these meals are 6-courses! I don't mind cooking, but I really like when other people cook!
And the college-aged class came over last Sunday and brought lunch and also cleaned our windows! Cleaning the windows hadn't seemed to make my to-do list yet....not sure when I would have ever gotten to it!
Thankfully, our church does a very good job at supporting us and appreciating us throughout the year, but it is a blessing to have them go out of their way by doing these things during this month. All of their written notes, spoken encouragement, yummy meals, kind gifts, and acts of service are a wonderful frosting to the cake when the main prize is that we get to serve them, and ultimately the Lord in what we do.
If you are a part of a church (which I highly recommend), take a moment to think of a way to appreciate your pastors!