Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween Fun

We went to trunk-or-treat at our church for halloween. Yes, I know this was over 2 weeks ago...sorry, I'm a little slow. I was a zookeeper and both boys were monkeys. Kinda how I feel some days. :)
It was a cold night, so they were bundled up very well. Plus, their costumes were great deals. I paid $2 for Landon's at a garage sale. And I found Tate's on Craigslist for $7.

Adam never seems to get the memo to coordinate his costume with the rest of the family. Last year, Landon was a chicken (or rooster...I'm not sure) and I was a farm girl. Adam dressed up as a hunter. This year, he dressed as Clark Kent, as a teenager.
We're taking suggestions for next year's costumes. Maybe if we plan enough in advance we can get Adam to coordinate with us.