Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some new furniture for the house...

We got some "new" furniture for the house recently. Adam's Aunt Leigh is moving out of the state and so we've acquired a few items from them. This is a lovely dark purple couch and loveseat. Right now, it's in our family room, and the picture doesn't show it, but so is our old furniture. We can easily seat 12 people on couch space right now. It's kinda funny to see so many furniture items in one room even though it's a good sized room. Although, I don't think it will stay this way forever. We're just not quite sure what to do with our old couch set yet (which was also used furniture when we got it over 6 years ago). We'll probably graduate it down to the basement eventually.

We also acquired a piano that has been in the family for awhile. It's out of tune and missing some black keys, but after the holidays, we'll look into how we can give it a bit of a facelift. I'm kinda excited to tinker around on a piano again (not sure when I realistically have the time to do so!). I took lessons for 9 years or so when I was young. I'm certain I've considerably digressed in skill level since then. Which I wasn't all that great back then. For taking lessons for so long, I shoud be much better than what I am! Some people got it, and some just don't.....I think I was somewhere in between the "got it" and "don't."

And we actually purchased some new furniture also. We got these several weeks ago. I had been picturing a black leather set for our living room (That's how I decorate - I "picture" something in my head and then try to find those items...I'm weird, I know). We went to the store to check out a set we had looked at online and they didn't have that one in stock, but they had this one on a ridiculous sale. It had a bit more of a "modern" look to it than what I was going for, but it was a great price for a couch, loveseat, and chair. It's not real leather, but a leather/vinyl combo, which is probably better for having small kids and teenagers using them. And eventually, the rest of the room will be decorated. I'm picturing some lovely black and white prints on the walls. And an area rug with red/tan/black accents. And some throw pillows with red/tan/black accents (I already have deep red curtains in this room). Someday.