Wednesday, December 09, 2009


We have a really big slider in our family room. This was the morning after we got dumped with snow (lots more is predicted in the next day or so). Landon was a bit mesmerized by looking at it from inside. I bundled him up and took him out in it, but it was rather windy and he wasn't a big fan of it. We'll work on that. (Sorry, the picture is sideways. I pulled it straight from my camera without rotating it at all. You get the idea though) Landon likes to help with things a lot these days. He loves standing on a chair next to me when I'm cooking or baking. We made a double batch of fudge this morning...yummmm. He also likes to help with laundry and most other things that you ask him to help with. Help might be a bit of an overstatement in many cases, but I try to include him in my activities when I can. He's also starting to say more phrases and put multiple words together frequently. We continue to laugh at him a lot. He is still a very social, outgoing, and happy boy.
Tate is working on becoming a professional sitter-upper. My goal was to have him sitting by Christmas and I think we'll make it. He's already an established professional drooler. He soaks through multiple bibs throughout the day (I took it off for the photo). I think we'll be introducing him to rice cereal in the next week or so - as soon as I manage to get to the store to buy some.


M&L Verwys said...

For real- More Snow! This stinks... last year I had only 2 snow days. Now that I move to a tropical location, West Michigan gets dumped on.

Adam's mom said...

Looks like the boys are doing just great these days. You are wise to develop "helpers" at an early age. Stay cozy. Double batch of fudge, sounds yummy. My mom used to make fudge and it was so good!