Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas season so far....not done yet! We get together with Becca's family next weekend still.
We had the Willis side over on Christmas Eve for a fun gathering. Tate got a super cool Radio Flyer Fire engine. Landon liked that gift a lot too! We only had 1 crisis - a glass pan shattered in our oven. Thankfully, I was in the kitchen and heard it happen and we got it cleaned up as quickly as possible!
After the gathering, I took the boys to our church's Christmas Eve Service at church. WAAAAYY past their bedtimes, but they did OK. It was a nice service, although hard to fully enjoy it with an antsy toddler and the fear that the baby is going to wake up and start to wail any moment. (I'm a BIG fan of using the nursery at our church..but they don't always have it for special services).
We were pretty low-key on Christmas day. Mom Vig and Kevin arrived at our place in time for dinner, as did Adam's sister. We opened presents with them that night. Then the next morning we had our traditional Christmas breakfast of pigs in a blanket. Landon helped grandma this year.

On Saturday evening, we had the Curtis Christmas gathering at our church. Not sure how many were there, but it's obviously a good-sized crowd since we decided to have it in a church!

On Sunday, we had Adam's dad, Maria, Ty, and Grandma June over for lunch. We had a cozy time exchanging gifts and enjoying one another's company.

And then on Sunday evening, we had a houseful of friends from church over to get together in honor of our friends Marv and Lindsey being in town (they are teaching in the Dominican Republic and were home for the holidays....they have a blog link on our page).

Whew, it feels good to have a few somewhat slower days, although this week is still filled with multiple gatherings with friends and neighbors.