Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A few recent activities....

I've only let Landon help feed Tate twice now. He really likes to help with it, but he doesn't wait for Tate to actually open his mouth. It's kinda funny to watch, especially since Tate just grins whenever Landon gets that close to him.
We had a playdate with the Rottier girls one day last week. We turned our back on the toddlers and they had found the Wii remotes. The TV wasn't on, but they were pretending to play.

We went to a wedding on Saturday. It was beautiful....not so much in decorations (although that was lovely), but moreso, the couple's lives leading up to this point and now beginning their life together. Adam helped broadcast the wedding over the internet. The couple had a lot of international friends and wanted a site set-up so that others could view it that couldn't be there. At one point, 89 computers were logged in and watching the wedding! It's amazing what technology can do!
On Sunday afternoon, we took the youth ice skating. I've only been ice skating once in my life prior to this and Adam, well, he's annoyingly good at anything physical that he tries. I believe what I was saying in this picture was, "Adam, don't sneak up behind me! You're going to make me fall!" I did pretty well though - I never fell!