Friday, March 19, 2010

The results of our 2-week gym membership

So, are we in better shape after having worked out for 2 weeks with our free 2-week gym membership? Did we even use it? Was it worthwhile?

I (Becca) went for the first 6 days, then I was at about every other day for the remainder of the 2 weeks. It did feel good to sweat. I did a few classes. I did some running and a little weight lifting. I took showers. I didn't lose any weight, in fact, I probably gained a few pounds. I was even more ravishingly hungry than usual. And of course, I don't make good food choices when I'm ravishingly hungry! My most favorite thing was probably the childcare option. I would plan a morning workout to include a showering time -something that doesn't always get scheduled into a normal daily routine. Now the childcare option wasn't great. They had 1 person on-staff to watch however many kids were dropped off (ages 8 and under). They said they would turn children away if there were too many, which they didn't specify how many was too many. Thankfully, the weather was pretty nice outside so I think overall attendance at the gym was slower becuase of people choosing to be outside.

Adam didn't make it to the gym nearly as often as I. Although, he felt like he reached his goal of being sore for the majority of the time. He also said he enjoyed using free weights again. He also (kiddingly) said that it's hard to make his amazing physique any better than what it already is (my eyes are rolling). He thinks he lost about 3 pounds.

The thing is....upon the 2 weeks expiring, the gym never even talked to us or followed up with us asking if we'd like to join. Would we pay what they are asking for membership? Well, no. But still, everyone likes to feel needed.