Wednesday, May 05, 2010


We're on vacation. It's blissful. Even more blissful living in a day and age where we are able to email and skype with Adam's mom who is watching our children at home! And even more blissful that they seem to be doing really well! Helps us to relax much easier!

A few things about the Dominican Republic that are worth noting:

- Much like our friends warned us......the driving is CRAZY! There seems to be no laws regarding this. There are lines on the road sometimes, but they don't seem to matter. 2 lanes quickly turn into 3-5 lanes. There are little mopeds and motorcycles that dodge in and out of the traffic as well. There is no age for being able to driver's training to drive - AHHHH!!!!! Crrrr-aaazy! I just try to stop looking out the front window. Marvin has done a very good job of learning to operate and be crazy right along with them.

- People are very laid back and trusting. We went out to dinner last night and the restaurant's credit card machine wasn't working. We didn't have enough cash to pay the entire bill. Rather than making us go into the kitchen to wash dishes or something to cover the remainder of the bill, they agreed to let us leave and come back the next day to pay it. They didn't even take down our names or any information - they just let us leave. It was 200 pesos (around 6 dollars). Not a large sum, but still, they didn't even act annoyed......I can't imagine that happening in the states. (and yes, we did go back the next day and pay)

- It's hot here. Like 90 and humid. It doesn't go below 70 overnight. The sun is bright. Thankfully, we have air conditioning at our condo to retreat to when necessary. Many of the locals wear pants most of the time. Do they not know it's HOT?! I guess they could get used to it, but it makes me even hotter seeing them dressed in pants!

Anyways. We'll give more details on what we've done on our vacation later....but I need to get back to being lazy and relaxing now. Here's a couple pics for our few faithful readers to tide you over until we blog again!