Friday, June 11, 2010

Party Mix

Today was a Party Mix (aka Chex Mix) day. My mom is the queen of this stuff. We have it at most family gatherings and it's so hard to not eat this stuff by the fistful! It's so addicting! This is sooo much better than store bought Chex Mix. It's saturated in butter, seasoned salt, and worcheshire sauce. The Chex pieces and cheerios shrink a little if they get too much butter on them - thus making them soooo yummy. The pretzels get all toasty and baked. And way back in the day my mom added something that I've never had in a Chex Mix before - Chow Mein Noodles! When I was little, I used to stack the cheerios on these things (Ok, I still do it now sometimes). I made a big, double batch today in preparation for our 4th of July weekend family gathering (it freezes really well).
Landon did not help, as the above photo might suggest. He got too crazy at one point very early on, about 2 seconds after the photo was taken, and started flinging spoons. Just being a boy. He was banished from the helping chair.
After I finished assembling everything, we then spent some time attempting to play Memory (without the cards being flipped over). Nice, calm activity.