Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Our church had a family skate night last week. Yes, roller rinks do still exist!

I went thinking that I would just hang out with everybody since I had 2 toddlers to chase around. Turns out that we all got on the floor! Landon LOVED it (note to the grandmas....Landon would like rollerskates added to his Christmas list). It was fun to watch him experience skating at such a young age. Tate had a good time too. They have strollers to push around little ones around the floor! I'd never seen that before. Lots of people took their turns pushing him around.

Overall, it was just fun to skate around to flashing lights and loud music with people that we like.

(And notice all of those little stickers on Landon's shirt?? Those are potty-training stickers. Yeah, baby!) (It's a work-in-progress....but hey, at least we're progressing)