Monday, December 20, 2010

One Christmas weekend down. Two to go.

The family gatherings have begun! This past weekend we had Christmas with Adam's mom, stepdad, and sister. I love having a houseful of family at festive times!

Our traditional Christmas with them includes opening stockings and presents in our PJ's and then eating a big breakfast of pigs in a blanket, eggs, pancakes, and other breakfast goody items. Of course, by the time we eat this it is noon.
Landon got his first biclycle (helmet, included....for all of you safety conscious readers). He's pretty excited. His feet can't quite move the pedals, but hopefully by this summer they will be able to.
Kevin doesn't always choose to use an ax to open presents, it was just convenient and a new gift that he had to try out.

Tate doesn't need presents. He just needs a Christmas orange (another family tradition).

And on Saturday evening, we had the Curtis family gathering. I'm bad at taking pictures at larger family events for some reason. But here is a picture that Adam and I took of each other while waiting for the boys to wake up from their naps so we could leave. We clean up pretty good sometimes.
And Sunday was full of wonderful Church services helping us to keep in mind the true reason for all of this celebrating. In case you didn't know, it's because this is when JESUS, Savior to all, Son of God and Son of Man, the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind's sin, was born into this world. What a gift, what a gift! Hope everyone finds the time to embrace the full meaning of this, not just at Christmas, but every day of the year.