Wednesday, February 09, 2011

And now you know...

I'm not going to lie. I like to eat at Long John Silver's. It makes me happy.
Yes, nearly everything is battered and fried and I'm sure grotesquely awful for your digestive system. But it still makes me happy. Some friends were recently surprised, or maybe appalled, at my excitement over this establishment. It's not like I eat there every week. Maybe twice a year. Ok, maybe 3 times.
I just felt the need to share this with my blog readers. Now you know.

Here are some other somewhat "quirky" things you might, or might not, find useful to know about me:
- Our bed gets made EVERY morning. I do not like to get into an unmade bed at night. I'm not at all a neat freak. I just like my bed to be made.
- I think these two jobs sound fabulous: writing for a greeting card company or coming up with paint color names. So cool.
- I've been doing a lot of research and reading on Islam lately. Nope, not thinking of converting. Just educating myself.
- I find it somewhat painful to just sit and watch a movie. I MUST be doing something. I do not like to let 2 hours pass without having anything to show for it.
- Whenever we're driving in a lot of traffic, I nearly always make the comment, "I wonder where all of these people are going."
- 95% of the time, I sleep like a rock. I fall asleep quickly and I have very little awareness of anything until about 8am. Tonight is one of those exceptions - which is why I'm writing a blog post at 1am.
- I'm starting to lose some of my very large "sweet" tooth - I think it's starting to turn into a "salty" tooth.
- Most of my dreams consist of being chased (mostly by horribly vicious animals, but sometimes by horribly vicious people) or marital unfaithfulness. Awesome. Thankfully, I sleep like a rock most of the time and don't remember my dreams very often.
- I really love getting the mail. Seriously, I'm so glad our mail comes early in the day. You just never know what you're going to find when you open your mailbox door!

What about you?
Anything quirky you'd like to share???


Shannon said...

I anxiously await the mail coming every day too!!! I don't know what or why that is, b/c it's mostly bills, but once in a while you get a freebie and it's like Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

Becca....I also like to be doing something with my hands (cutting coupons or stamps or Campbell labels or sewing, etc.)while watching TV or a movie. Also when riding in a car. That bothers Dad as he thinks I should be looking out the window. So, I have tried to keep my hands still during that time. *** I cannot get into a bed till it is made "correctly". And that sometimes means making it over. Dad makes it most of the time as he is the last one out.*** As you know, I have trouble sharing kitchen duties when other people are here visiting. ***I enjoy washing dishes. ***I am a late night person and an early morning person. 5 to 6 hours of sleep is usually enough for me. I do try to get more sometimes. I just don't like sleeping!!
Becca's MOM

Anonymous said...

I was surprised about you liking Long John Silver's. I like it also and so does your Grandpa Jackson. But I also try not to eat there more than a couple of times a year.
Becca's MOM

Aunt Doreen said...

Becca, I'm with you on a neatly made bed. I have even purchased sheet straps for the corners of the fitted sheets. Seems if you don't have one of those monstrously wide mattresses, the sheets just don't fit the old mattress size as well. Gotta have nice snug wrinkle-free bottom sheets and a neatly folded over top sheet that covers the blankets all tidy. My family thinks I'm weird because I can't go to a motel without making the beds myself every morning either. Something obsessive I have about loving seeing my motel beds fresh and neat.I keep motel rooms clean and take care of the trash and towels too. Don't want to tip someone for something I can do and I don't stay anywhere long enough for sheet changes so I just ask the maids for towels and bring them my used ones and trash and they cross off my room. I never could keep the house clean when all the kids still lived here so motels were places I could keep clean and I LOVED it.
I only watch Tivo and can't stand trying to sit through a real time show with commercials. After a week in Florida with no tivo and no computer (except the few minutes Dori would mercy to me on her phone each night), I have learned I don't need to spend as much time on either since I have plenty of organizing projects around the house and a new cat to keep it interesting. Gotta go finish the plans for date day tomorrow! Coupons ready for the movie early matinee and red lobster lunch.

Anonymous said...

After the fist gulp out of a pop can, I crumple the can a bit. Just a small dent on both sides. This makes the can more ergonomic and less prone to slipping. It also allows me to regrab the can and chug it without lookng at the orientation of the opening. It's ergonomic and efficient. I don't understand why others don't do this. -Brother Dan

Table for Four said...

Similar to your desire to name paint, I would love to work for OPI and name the nail polishes.

Table for Four said...

Similar to your desire to name paint, I would love to work for OPI and name nail polishes.

M&L Verwys said...

What a great post!
Chased by vicious animals or marital unfaithfulness~ classic! :)

Michelle S. said...

Hmmm. Quirks...a year or so ago I started sleeping on a hand towel when i washed my hair so my hair wouldn't get my pillow all wet. I liked the way the towel felt on my ear, so now I sleep with a towel on my pillow every night.:)

I tend to leave doors/drawers open, both in the bedroom and kitchen. You can always tell if I've been cooking or baking because every cupboard door is open!

Unlike you and Momma Strahm, I am perfectly ok to not do anything when I am watching a movie or tv show. When I am zoned in on tv, I am pretty much oblivious to what is going on around me. It drives Phil nuts sometimes.:) I have learned that the tv has to be OFF during the day if I really want to get stuff done.