Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everything is GREEN!

I'll admit that I don't really know who St.Patrick was and why we celebrate him. Click here to see what the History Channel says about him. I didn't really read it. You don't have to either unless you are feeling especially inquisitive.

I used to try to get away with wearing as little green as possible on this day. To avoid "the pinch," I'd just point out the small fleck of green on my sock or watch or something else easy to hide. I've grown up since then and realized as long as I don't go overboard and wear a leprechaun suit or something, it's kinda fun to peruse through my green-hued clothing items and determine which is the best one for the day.

For dinner, we had Ponytail and Pigtails over (a.k.a. Moppy/Maria and Ryn).

And I made some of our food green.

Cornbread Muffins

And well, the salad was already green. And the chili......I don't think I could've made that green.

And on another somewhat related note. I'm really looking forward to the day when my children like to eat the food that I make. Something like, "Thanks for making a nutritiuos and delicious dinner for us to enjoy Mom. I know you put loving time into preparing it for us and we really appreciate it." Maybe a little far-fetched, but I LONG for the day. I'm not asking to be touted as a famous gourmet chef, but I'm certainly not as awful as they make me out to be! They are making me a little self-conscious to expose my cooking to other people when they unanimously turn their noses up at it! Unless I serve them hot dogs, chicken nuggets, or pizza, they are quite possibly going to whine their way through dinner. (They did think the green corn bread muffins and applesauce was very cool.....but I'm a mean, mean mom and I don't let them fill up on that if they aren't willing to eat the main course). At least my husband eats anything I put in front of him without making a fuss.