Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall-ish things

We've had some ridiculously wonderful weather these past 2 weeks. Lots of sunny days and warm temps. I know cold weather is inevitable, but it was nice that summer stuck around to bid us farewell. We tried to take advantage of the nicer weather and do some outdoor things. We played tennis twice in the past week. We took a bike ride and multiple walks. The boys played in the sandbox nearly every day. We left the windows open. It was lovely! But let's get real. Fall is here. And with that comes some fun activities (and yummy foods)!

Adam's mom and sister met up at our place over the weekend. We took a trip to get some pumpkins. Landon was saying that he was going to pick out the biggest one - but when we got there he liked the little ones and the white ones. Go figure.

Adam and I enjoyed having babysitters in town. And Grandma and Aunt Jaime enjoyed getting some special time with the boys. While we were gone, they stripped the boys down to their skivvies and let them paint the pumpkins they picked out. Apparently, Tate repeated over and over that this was "awesome."

And on Wednesday, I went with Landon's preschool on a field trip to an apple orchard. I took my camera, but unfortunately, it didn't have the memory card in it. Whoops. But I had some personal revelations while on this field trip: 1)People who work with preschoolers have very special gifts to tolerate high levels of squirrely-ness, numerous questions, and are able to talk in pleasant tones nearly at all times. 2)I do not think I am one of those people. On the outside I did well, but on the inside, I was thinking I might not go on another field trip. :) There were enough parents that I was only responsible to keep my eyes on 2 kids. With my desire to connect more with people in the community, I'm sure I'll convince myself I should go next time.

Here's to fall! Hope it sticks around for awhile because I'm not ready for winter!