Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Whoa! Look at me go! 3rd blog post of the year and it's only January 3! (I do not intend to blog every day like I mentioned the possibility of in a previous post. That was "crazy" Becca talking. I've put her back away where she belongs.)

We finally got some snow! The boys were anxious to go outside and play in it. Landon even told me that he had dreamed about playing in it the night before. It took us 20 minutes to get into snow gear and then I realized we didn't have snowboots that fit Landon. Poor kid had to wear rainboots with doubled-up socks. He never complained that his feet were cold though.
Look how close they are in size!
They are almost 18mos. apart, but Tate is closing the gap very quickly!
Landon really wanted to wear this hat....
It makes it easy for me to imagine what he would look like as a little girl with long blond braids.

I even put them to work. G-ma Vig got them little kid shovels and rakes this year. They loved being able to work and move the snow around.

And I got a new camera for Christmas! I'm pretty excited about it! I can already tell a huge difference in the pictures that I take! I'm excited to learn more about it and figure out how to do even better!