Saturday, March 31, 2012

Give me a P!

P is for Potty-trained!

That's right! This cute little kid has it down!
(When he's older, he's gonna strongly dislike that I've posted this on the web. What're moms for?! :) )

I thought potty training this kid would be a little tougher since he has more of an "edge" than what Landon does. He threw a fit for the first couple of weeks when we told him it was time to go.
But now, he tells us when he has to go. He's even graduated to peeing like a man (a.k.a. standing up).
He's even quite good at telling us when he has to go #2.
We still put a diaper on him at naptime and bedtime, although he is dry over 1/2 the time (never dry prior to starting potty training).

I'm really not sure Adam and I can take credit for his success. We try to stay consistent. And I try to make sure we have a stretch of days where our schedule is somewhat "normal" and we're home a decent amount to get the hang out of it. We offer some sort of incentive (m&m's). We give LOTS of praise for success. We try not to start too soon (2 3/4 for Landon....just over 2 1/2 for Tate). And we tried not to get too frustrated when he stood there wet all the way down to his socks. Thankfully, that only happened a couple of times.