Thursday, April 19, 2012


Surprise Get-a-Way for my lovely wife.... i think yes.

There will be a better post after the get-a-way from Becca i am sure but this is just my fun way of telling her about it.

So I booked a hotel on the other side of the state and organized my mom to be able to come into town today to watch the boys and will take her away after dinner tonight.   it would not surprise me if she knows about this as i am normally as sneaky as a ninja i made the mistake of booking the hotel to early so it showed up on the credit card statement and she saw it but i made up some rational reason how it was for someone else to try to save the surprise.  Here is my rough itinerary as this little trip is for Becca so she can make adjustments as needed. I love you Becca

·         Eat dinner at home
·         Leave after dinner
·         Arrive at hotel 
·         Hangout for  the evening allowing Becca to look over IKEA catalogue 
  •  Breakfast at hotel
  • Get ready and head to IKEA
  •  Eat lunch around IKEA
  •  leave IKEA stop at trader Joe’s on way back to hotel
  •  Dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack??  

  •  Eat breakfast at hotel
  • Pack up and leave stopping at Tanger Outlets in Howell
  • Be home Saturday afternoon.