Wednesday, January 09, 2013

2 Months Old

I'm glad I haven't looked back to see how many blog posts I had done of our firstborn by the time he was 2 months old. :) 

Heath is growing great. He eats well. He sleeps pretty well. He usually goes around 6 hours at night. I'm pretty ready to hit that sweet spot of 8 hours. I had made notes that both of the other boys were there at this point, but that's fine. Heath is just allowing me to savor those sweet moments for a little longer. He has been so easy to put to bed at night. After feeding him, I can put him into bed wide awake. He'll even give me a little smile. I blow him a kiss, shut out the lights, and walk out of his room. He falls asleep all on his own. We do tightly swaddle him at night and I think he really likes that. 

 He hands out smiles pretty easily when he's awake. He's worked himself into a pretty good routine. During the day, he eats about every 3-3 1/2 hours. He likes his playmat and doing the YMCA dance with mommy. And he's recently been caught sucking his thumb.