Monday, February 18, 2013

Boys and Their Toys

We're having fun with boy toys these days. 

Here's Landon with his army men. 
This was a highly desired item that he put on his Christmas list this past year.  

And then when I took a picture of his army men, he decided he then needed to add more toys to the scenario.....thus enters dinosaurs, monster trucks,and small pyramids. And then he thought I needed another picture. Sorry, it doesn't quite capture the whole scene....I had my "zoomier" lens on the camera and I couldn't back up any further. 

 Heath loves his playmat these days.  He's getting more and more fun! 

And next up is an Extreme Makeover:Superhero Edition.
We had 2 of the Fantastic Four's The Thing. (The yellow guy below)
We did not have an Incredible Hulk. 
Enter some paint. 
This frugal momma just expanded our Superhero collection by one more character.
I'm sure the paint will chip off easily, but I'm pretty happy with the results. 

And get excited folks! 
I spent a lot of time at home last week. Ok, pretty much all of my time at home.  
The flu went through our house and it probably hit me the hardest. 
Anyways. It made me really antsy for a new house project. 
Plus, I had some Christmas money that I just didn't have anything in mind for yet.
We're gonna do a thrifty Kitchen mini Makeover!
Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

So glad Landon enjoys his toys and finds ways to play with many of them together.
I think you did a good job on your painting "the Hulk".
I am glad you are all doing better and I can't wait to hear and see what the kitchen make-over will be!
Becca's MOM

Adams mom said...

Landon has such a great imagination! I just love all the time and thought he puts into his scenes. Glad to see smiling faces and knowing your family is healthy again. Great job with the Hulk, I think you are the incredible mom! Can't wait to see your mini kitchen makeover.