Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kitchen Facelift

As promised, here's the update about our little kitchen facelift. I don't really consider it a renovation. It was just minor stuff that helped things look a little better. Several people asked me what I considered a small amount of money to put towards this. I'm pretty open about sharing things like this.....this all ran us around $300. We certainly didn't NEED to do this, but we spend a lot of time in our kitchen and we spend a lot of time having people in our house.  My joy does not come from our earthly, material possessions, but I will admit that I did get some happiness from projects like this. :)  We plan to do a large kitchen renovation eventually (maybe in 5ish years?) in which we'll get new cupboards and change the layout of the kitchen. 


Hard to tell in a picture, but the countertop was a yellow color and it was pretty worn in areas and not in great shape. 

The picture does not show the true color of this "green" floor.  


For those inquiring minds: White Chicken Chili is cooking in the slow cooker. And those cute little boys are playing with play-doh

We have a lot of Scripture and inspirational quotes and artwork in our house.
Went with something different for the kitchen. :)
Hard to tell what took place in small pictures. But, here's what we did:
- Took down the fruity border
- Painted the walls.
- Put down vinyl tiles on the floor.
- Put up a panel tile-looking backsplash.
- Painted the countertops and covered with a thick epoxy coating.
- New outlets and covers.
- A couple of new light fixtures.
- New artwork.
- A few miscellaneous little trim pieces, etc.

I had fun with this little house project. Adam is needed for all technical things....like electrical work and using big tools. But otherwise, I do a lot of it. If I didn't have him, I suppose I would make myself learn how to use a saw and a nail gun. But he likes to feel needed. And its fun to do it together.