Friday, May 10, 2013

Date with Tate

Tate invited me to his preschool Mother's Tea. 
Although, there was no tea. Just lemonade.
That little guy is crazy sometimes, but he's also a charmer when he wants to be.
He likes me to call him "honey." And he tells me so.
And he tells me that he is going to love me forever.
I sure hope so.

 The kids sang a few songs. And then sat with their moms/grandmas/etc. Tate was a little upset because the other kids were singing so loud that he couldn't hear himself. We enjoyed some cookies and lemonade. He was so cute that I let him talk me into giving him extra cookies. And then they gave us presents they made. Tate painted a small flower pot for me. 
I'm living the good life. I have the affections and adoration of a very sweet 3 year old.