Monday, August 19, 2013

When the husband is away...

Adam was recently gone for a few days on a youth trip. I don't enjoy having to handle everything on the homefront when he's gone, but I remind myself its just for a few days. And then I think of all of those military wives who have to go at it alone for much, much, much longer. And I tell myself to toughen up. It usually works. At least for a little bit.

In the past we've had events like massive snowfalls that I have to figure out how to un-bury us from. Or a kid in the top bunk with a stomach bug that makes itself known in the middle of the night (Changing the sheets of the top of the bunkbed is hard enough....but I was 9 months pregnant and our other kiddo, plus a friend's kiddo were both still sleeping in the room) (Plus, Adam usually does vomit-duty. I can hardly handle it without losing it myself.) (I can laugh about that incident now though.) Plus, the nights just get lonely and I don't like "shutting the house down" all on my own. I stuff pillows in Adam's side of the bed and try to trick myself into thinking he is there. Pathetic? Maybe. Probably.  :) 

Anyways. This time I thought to invite Adam's stepsister down to stay with us for the week. That way we could spend some time with her before she heads off to college. Plus, I had a few times that I knew I would need a sitter. Win-win. 

Ryn read LOTS of books to the boys and made up games with them. We enjoyed having her here.

We all went to the zoo one day. Here's a few pictures: