Wednesday, October 02, 2013

He Has a New Target

Yesterday was October 1st. Opening day of Bowhunting season. 
A day Adam plans and yearns for months in advance. 
Yesterday I asked him if he knew what day it was.
He replied that it was the first day of rehab. 

It felt like a sudden and hectic transition, but we are now situated into Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.
Adam has experienced 2 full days of rehab at this point. He honestly hasn't felt really well though which makes it hard for him to fully engage in anything. I think his body is still trying to figure out what is happening and its still in a bit of a traumatic shock from the accident. Pray that he starts feeling better so that he can begin engaging in therapy how he wants to. They say most patients have a rough few first days and its common for them to not be able to engage in much.

We finally took the boys up to see him last night.  It just so worked that the hospitality cart came  around a few minutes before they arrived. They had a whole array of stuffed animals and when we mentioned our boys would be here soon they let us pick out one for each of them.  It really helped to break the ice and the boys were excited to receive a gift from dad upon arriving. I was so enamored with seeing the boys and engaging with them that I didn't notice the tears streaming down Adam's face. As I lifted Heath, our baby, up to see him, I then heard him gasping for breath and weeping. If you know Adam well, you'd know that he "doesn't cry."  He's not emotional. I've known him for almost 13 years, married to him for 10, and I've maybe witnessed him "get choked up" a couple of times. I certainly wasn't expecting him to react like this and I don't think he did either. He needed to though.
This is hard. This hurts. This deserves tears.
Not wanting to scare the boys, I quickly ushered them back out the door and let the Grandmas take them to the children's play area so that I could go in and wipe Adam's eyes and nose and assure him that feeling this was good for him.

A traumatic event like this simply changes your view on things.
What was so important a week ago now seems trivial and un-essential.

We'll need encouragement in the coming days. Adam is situated into his room and he has a bulletin board where he can personalize things. He's gonna be there for awhile and he's gonna spend a lot of time looking at that wall. Can you take a few moments and write an encouraging Bible scripture or inspirational quote out for him? He won't be flipping through a Bible anytime soon to look up a passage. He simply can't hold one, let alone turn the pages. Write it out on a piece of paper and find a way to get it to us. Make it look pretty if you'd like.

Hard to believe that my initial post about Adam's accident has received nearly 1,800 views at this point.
People we don't even know have read our story and contacted us making us aware of their concern and prayers on our behalf.
Don't stop. We are going to need them for awhile.