Saturday, January 25, 2014

Landon turns 6!

This cute little guy turned 6 years old today! 
Landon at 5ish months
We opted to not do the big hyped-up party like we did last year. 
Click here for a reminder of what that was like.
Super fun, but I don't want to set the precedent that I'm always going to be that adventurous.

We let him invite 2 friends over and join our family for a day of celebrating.
The plan was to take them to a fun playplace, but weather conditions were super snowy, blowy and cold, so we opted to stay at home the whole time.  The boys didn't seem to mind one bit. 

Landon chose to have Stromboli for lunch.

Then we played a variety of games and activities. There was a bit of an outer space theme to the day as Landon wanted a "rocket" on his birthday cake this year (which was not at all easy to find).  One of the games may have involved them being alien hunters and searching for the alien (a.k.a. me) while I ran around and they attempted to shoot me with cans of silly string. Lots of shrieking by me and them. Very fun though. Sorry, no pictures of the alien.

All 4 boys enjoying a quick Rescue Bots show. 
Hey, Transformers came from another planet....still fits the theme. 

Then we opened presents. Since all of the grandparents (except for a couple of "greats") and aunts/uncles live out of the area, we had a handful of gifts and cards to open from them that had arrived in the mail this week.  Highlights were Lego sets, a Puma outfit, Disney Planes toys, sweet new soccer cleats, a TMNT game, army playsets, and a crisp $10 bill.

Then we had cake and ice cream.

I think they all had a fun time. 
One boy said he didn't want to leave.
And the other asked if he could come over next week.

Here's what Landon is like at 6 years old:
*He enjoys making paper airplanes. He'll make a bunch and then insist on saving them. 
*He also likes things like army guys, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, cars, Legos, and Star Wars.
*He is easy to excite and quick to laugh.
*He loves making friends and gets along well with others. He's quite a social kid with other children.
*He has really picked up reading this year in kindergarten. He's doing great at it! 
*At Christmas, he was coming home from school telling us about how he took polls of kids at school about who believes in Santa Claus and who believes in God. He's still been doing it, even thought Christmas is over. He is very excited to find other God-believers. 
*He can be quite the bossy big brother. 
*He loves being timed for how long it takes him to do something. He likes contests, races, and winners. 
*He struggles with "worrying" sometimes or being fixated on how something will work out or what will happen. 
*He is starting to understand money and likes to find ways to earn it. 

Overall, he is a happy kid who has blessed our lives in so many ways! 
We love him!