Friday, May 02, 2014

Back to Elementary School

On Monday, Adam was a WATCH D.O.G. at Landon's Elementary School. The program seeks to provide positive male role models in the education environment and to provide an extra set of eyes and ears to enhance school security and reduce bullying. Landon was really excited to have his dad there. The kick-off event for the WATCH D.O.G. program was the day after Adam's accident back in September. Obviously, he didn't make it. But Landon has been asking for quite some time if there was still a way for dad to sign up for a day to go to school and be a WATCH D.O.G. 

This was not a simple little recess duty or storytime. He spent the whole school day helping out in the K-2 grades. He had a busy schedule and trucked around from one class to the next. He worked one-on-one with kids, monitored the hallways, ate in the lunchroom, and basically did whatever the teachers had for him. He had a good day.
He said one teacher had him hang a clock up on the wall and it required him to stand up on a chair. I asked if he told anyone about how he might have some limitations because he had experienced a serious accident in the autumn. He smiled, rolled his eyes and said, "no." 

I'll admit I kinda struggle with knowing how to handle situations like this.
When is the right time to make known what has happened? When is the right time to just quietly carry on and not draw any attention to the matter? Should we continually shout it from the rooftops that God has done a healing work in Adam? Or humbly carry on our daily tasks? We certainly believe that God can be glorified and that we can give him credit for Adam's recovery, but we also don't want to keep strumming the same song and bring unnecessary attention to ourselves from people who may not care. Certainly, Adam still has some limitations and if the gym teacher would have told him to chase the children in a game of shark and minnows.....well, it might have been a long game of shark and minnows. :) 

I know we just need to pray for discernment in deciding when to share about what has happened and when to quietly plow through. Abiding in Him will make it clear.
But we are very grateful that Adam is able to engage in days like this with his boys.  It feels very good.