Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tate turns 5!

Our Tate turned 5 earlier this week!

His birthday was on Monday. We somewhat quietly celebrated at home. We let him choose what we had for breakfast (Lucky Charms) and dinner (Stromboli). We went to the zoo. We opened some presents and cards from far away family and from us. We let him stay up late and catch lightening bugs. A good day. Here's a few pics:
Tate loves the Schleich brand dinosaurs - especially the ones that have mouths that open and close.
And Grandma Vig loves to indulge his little heart.
Tate, and his birthday buddy, Lydia, at the zoo. Same birthday....just 12 years apart.
Great-Grandma Willis and Heath watching the gift opening.
Tate LOVES bubble gum! 

But then, what he had been waiting his whole life for up to this point:

His 5-year old Birthday PARTY! 

Theme: Sharks! 

Tried to keep it simple. But I like order (as opposed to chaos). And I'm a planner. And well, it's F.U.N. to throw a birthday party! I still felt like I kept things pretty simple, but we kept the 2 hours hopping with activities and food and attempting to reign in the energy of 10 young boys! I'm pretty sure the boys would have been happy with just running around our yard, kicking balls around, and yelling. But again, I like order. And I was in charge. :) I was also the only girl that was allowed at the party. Tate said this was to a be a party with "only boys." 

Here's what Tate is like at 5 years old:
- He's showing to be a bit of an introvert much of the time. Still gaining confidence in who he is and figuring out how he feels about being in groups. (2 years ago I would not have predicted this!)
- He loves ferocious things with sharp teeth! (Dinosaurs, Sharks, Dragons)
- He has a GREAT memory and will recall details that I often struggle to remember.
- He's very observant at times and just likes to sit back and watch what is going on.
-Yet, he also has a great deal of energy and at times, it is like it is bursting out of him and he cannot contain crazy body movements and even crazier noises. 
- He loves to eat! He is often thinking about the next meal or asking for a snack.
- He still takes a 2-hour nap almost every day. 
- He can throw some HUGE fits when he doesn't get that nap. 
- He is almost as tall as Landon. 
- He can be a big sweetheart! 
We love him very much and cherish these 5 years we have got with him so far!