Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1-Year Anniversary Event Invitation

We are quickly approaching the 1-year anniversary of Adam's mountain biking accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury.

We wanted to find a way to celebrate the healing and recovery we have seen. To remember and reflect upon the seriousness of the injury and the potentially difficult outcome we were facing. But mostly, we want to thank God for his presence, comfort, faithfulness, and mercy we were shown throughout the past year.  We want to praise God for being good, for being who He is.

If you are local, we invite you to join us for a simple event. No fanfare. No big agenda. No fundraising. Just a simple opportunity to ride, run, or walk alongside us as we travel the trail that Adam started off on his bike a year ago - but had to finish by being carried off in a stretcher not knowing whether he would ever be able to move his arms and legs again.

The trail is a bike trail. It is narrow and somewhat rough in places and not paved. (i.e. not stroller/wheelchair accessible). Those that mountain bike are free to ride the trail.
Adam will.

But we invite those that aren't bike-riders to run or simply walk the trail.
At about 1.5 mile in is the site of his accident. It is marked by an A-frame bridge.
Adam says you can't miss the area.

It is there that we are also inviting you to build an altar with us.

In the Bible, we see that God's people built altars.  This act of erecting an altar marked many significant events in the Old Testament.  Altar building was always directed towards God.  They involved a sacrifice. At times of joy, they built altars. At times of sadness. At times they were in need of repentance.  At times of victory. At times of defeat. At times of celebrating God's faithfulness. It was a symbol of their submission to God. A renewal of their commitment to Him.

They were motivated by their recognition and reverence of God, identifying that He had intervened in their lives. They built their altars to worship and to express dependence and thanksgiving to God. They built their altars not out of ritual, but with deep feeling and desire to connect with God.

Our desire is to build an altar out of stones for many of these same reasons.

We invite you to build this altar with us,
Bring a stone with you or we'll supply some at the trailhead for you to take in with you.

We would love to have you join us if you are able:
Thursday, September 25
6:00 - 7:00 pm
(Because people will arrive at differing times, this is more of a take-the-trail-as-you-are-able sort of thing)
Merrell Trail in Rockford, MI
Directions to Merrell Trail : From GR area: Take 131 N and get off on the 10 Mile Rd exit.  Go east (turn right) off of the exit ramp. Turn south (right) (Stoplight at Meijer intersection) on drive next to Macatawa Bank and take road back to parking area. We'll try to have some signage in the parking lot directing you to the trailhead and what trails to take. 

Adam was riding the Mix Master Trail and his accident occurred at about the spot where the "3" is.