Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Goodbye Summer/Hello School!

The first day of the 2014-15 school year is in the books!

Landon is ready for 1st grade! Conquered tying shoes a few weeks ago. 
He loves school and was raring to go this morning.

Man, these 2 guys are handsome!
There is no bussing options for us this year, although we have planned some carpooling with friends to help lighten the load for everyone. 

We are at a new school this year.  A local charter school.
The main reason for the switch is that I wanted Tate to do a Young 5's program and most of our regular public schools have phased this program out.  He's a smart kid and I wasn't worried about him academically. He could just use a little more time to be more sure of himself and more confident in trying new things and being in social settings.  He'll now always be one of the oldest kids in his class, but I think we have gained a great deal in giving him a little more time to develop before he jumps into the more rigorous academic demands of school.  He'll go to school 5 days a week in the afternoon.

And once he got accepted into the school, they have policies to bump siblings up on the priority list.  So, Landon was first on the waiting list for a spot in 1st grade and, thankfully, a spot opened up for him so that they could be at the same school. 
(This was the school that we applied for Kindergarten for Landon last year and he was #93 on the wait list.)

 Tate looks so sweet here. 
This photo was taken in much haste and frustration though.
Previous to this, as I was loading Heath in the car, Tate came bounding out the door and locked it.
My purse and keys were sitting just inside the house door still. 

We were doing so well on time.

So, yes, we were the last ones to arrive for Tate's class.
Someone has to be, I guess.
Tried really hard to not take it out on him and let it ruin the excitement of the first day of school.

I did learn the house is more difficult to break into than I thought.
Which is good. 
Adam answered on my 3rd call to him and was able to come home quickly and let us in.
(Note to Adam: You might want to fix the screen on the family room slider that I ripped partially off).

Happy to be reunited after the 1st day of school.
This is what 2 brothers do when you ask them to get together for a picture.
Apparently, it translates to "try to squeeze your brother as hard as you can."

And with the start of school means the end of summer.
Pretty sad about it. 
It goes too quickly and I love having my boys home.
We had a full and busy summer. No lazy, hazy days for us.

Here's our bucket list. 
The only thing not crossed off was "Pick Blueberries."
(Although I decided awhile ago to let this one go when we were super busy during blueberry season and someone who "picks blueberries like a migrant worker" (her words, not mine) needed to share an overabundance with us.

We crossed off the following: *Go to 15 different parks *Play with water balloons *Pick Strawberries *Go bowling *Play in the rain *See a movie in the theater *Get a donut at Sandy's *Mail a letter to someone special *Jump off the diving board *Go on a picnic *Host a neighborhood ice cream social *Camp in the backyard *Have RootBeer Floats *Make recycled crayons *Go fishing with dad *Read a chapter book together *Memorize Ephesians 2:4-5 *Go to a splash pad *Catch lightening bugs *Go to the beach *Play tennis *Have a scavenger hunt 

Plus, throw in a week at Grandma & Grandpa Vig's while mom and dad are on a missions trip. And a week at Lake Ann Camp. And a week with Grandma & Grandpa Strahm at Prairie Camp. And a busy week of VBS. And multiple youth hangouts, pool parties, and other shenanigans. And a Spanish teenager living with us for most of the summer.

It was a good summer, but we must say goodbye to it!
Praying to have an open heart and willing attitude for all that God has in store for us this school year!