Saturday, March 07, 2015


Cleaning out my camera memory card and I'm realizing I forgot to share our Valentine's Day celebration.

Adam and I were soon getting away for a week of together-ness, so we didn't feel the need to steal away for a Valentine's date and fight the busy restaurant scene. We decided instead to have a fun night at home with our boys. The boys were excited about having a fancy dinner and using candles - I LOVE THAT! We may have a house full of boys, but they like to do special things. Its not all about bodily noises, getting dirty, and weapons around here......Although, maybe they just like the idea of having fire at the table.......?

We all got gussied up in some nice clothes. Tate even discovered that he really likes wearing ties. It could be because mom gushed over him a lot. He wanted to wear a tie the next day to church also.

My kitchen assistant (a.k.a. Adam) and I worked in the kitchen that afternoon to make dinner. He's quite helpful. We made a fancy chicken, roasted potatoes in the shape of hearts, and sauteed green beans and mushrooms.

And a Strawberry pie for dessert. 

For after dinner activities, we printed the words of John 3:16 on little paper red hearts. I then hid them around the living room and the boys had to find them and then put them in the correct order. We played multiple rounds of this. We did this last year also and they remembered it and requested that we do it again. It was a great way for Kenny, our exchange student, to learn this verse also.  He decided to accept Christ into his life just the weekend before!  So exciting to be a part of helping him to grow in his faith and his understanding of the Bible.

We ended the night with a round the board game, Ticket to Ride. Its fun that the boys are able to start playing some "older" kid games.

A great night at home celebrating love!