Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Morning Blessings

Needed some perspective on this Monday morning. A kid with a miserable, persistent ear infection is home from school this morning. I feel behind on multiple levels. Feeling discouraged about several things. Aware of other's deep pain as they face difficult situations.

So, I went to God's Word, and lo and behold, I came away encouraged. Felt the desire to share some things that I've felt incredibly blessed by lately.

- I have a friend who puts up with me. There's very few people in my life that I show the ugly to. When I have a bad attitude. When I'm whiny. When I'm frustrated. When I'm hurting. When I feel like I have dominated our hour phone conversation last week with a less-than-uplifting spirit (thankfully, our phone conversations don't always feel like that).  Distance separates us. But I'm thankful that I know I can talk with her about ANYTHING. Thanks Adriane.

- Tate and I walked to church last night. It's a mile and half walk. He wanted to hold my hand the entire way. We talked about all sorts of things: being ready for Kindergarten next year, beer cans, Adam's accident, how he is going to take walks with me until he is 34, and wherever else our minds led us. This mom's heart was soaking it up.

- We installed the new senior pastor at our church yesterday. We have been without a senior pastor for over 2 years. Excited for this new season in our church's life. Hopeful for a renewed vision and passion as we worship and grow together and as we seek to serve one another and our community.

- I recently had a Girl's Weekend with 3 friends from high school. When I step back and realize just how long I have been out of high school, I am so, so thankful to still have these connections and that we all are able to make this weekend happen once a year.

- The weather is finally starting to turn nicer around here. Lots of sun in the forecast for this week!

- Made my Grandma Jackson's pea salad the other day - a dish that her and I both love. As I chopped up each of the ingredients in it, its hard not to picture her smile and sweet disposition. And how she used to make it for family gatherings because she knew I liked it (or at least that's why I thought she made it). :) I also got to see her and briefly visit with her a week ago. Time is not usually kind to our aging bodies, but I am thankful for so many sweet memories of her.

Hoping as you read this that you are able to take a moment to identify the things in your life that are recent gifts from God.