Friday, July 24, 2015

Strahm Family Vacation 2015


In an attempt to keep the blog covering the momentous (and sometimes not-as-momentous) events in our lives, I'm going to need to do a little backtracking.

The Strahm clan took a vacation back in June! This is my (Becca's) family. My parents. My three brothers. Their wives and kids. All together there was 20 of us gathering.

We headed to the tropical land of Hocking Hills, Ohio.
I say that in jest. Ohio is not tropical.

Although, our time together was lovely.
And this area was considerably remote (no cell phone service) and picturesque.

We rented a ginormous house that comfortably fit all of us.
And we vacationed.

Here's a few pics to give an idea of what we did:

Taking a train ride.

A bike ride.
Hiking in Hocking Hills State Park.

Decorating cupcakes.
And we did all of our meals in-house.
There was some VERY good food!
Swimming at a local pool.
(although we only enjoyed this for about 20 minutes before it started downpouring. It rained a lot the week we were there)
Playing outside. They had a basketball court, volleyball court, swingset, a few kids toys. 
Playing games.
(This game is Ticket to Ride. I won. I beat my mother and my 3 brothers. I'm trying to be humble about it.
But it's really, really hard) 
I sniped this one from the house, although they caught me, thus the big smiles.
I just thought it was funny at how they were both sitting.
The grandkids.

The lot of us.
The siblings.
Pictures only capture so much.
It was a good week of getting away and being together.
We do this every other summer and I'm very thankful that we get to do this since none of us get to see each other regularly.

Where to go for the next Strahm family vacation???