Friday, October 23, 2015

I painted a table and chairs once....

Once upon a time, I painted a table and chairs.

And let it be known, that I intend for this to be the only time that I ever do this.
(I would maybe paint a table again, but way! Too many spindles and legs!)

I wanted this to be a paint job that could withstand a lot of use. So I used a heavy duty primer. A heavy duty paint. And did multiple coats of poly over the top.

Here's some pictures to show the progression:


This was our previous table. I squeezed in between Landon and Tate on the bench. 


This is how we have it set up for everyday use, but we could easily put more chairs (or our bench) around it to accommodate more food partakers.


Carol Hochhalter said...

Looks great! Takes so much time when you want the table and chairs to be USED, not protected from use! Good job! Did you brush everything, or use spray on parts of the project?

Adam and Becca said...

@Carol Hochhalter - I brushed almost everything. It was all oil-based paints/primer. We have a nice paint sprayer, but my husband wasn't excited about it being used with the oil-based paint. I did spray paint the 2 red chairs. Spraying was definitely easier. I have a hutch that I am doing next. I am leaning towards spraying that.

Mum said...

May your table always be filled with good people, great food and wonderful conversations, great job!