Saturday, August 13, 2016

Officially and finally

A bit overdue. But hey, what's new?

We finally signed to close everything on our GR house at the end of July.
We decided to spend the night and enjoy our home there one last time. 
This is officially and finally the last posting about leaving GR. 
I promise.

Had one last pool party with friends!

Took a beautiful evening stroll one last time through downtown GR.
(And yes, these boys were hunting for Pokemon)

Certainly a bit sad about the finality of no longer having a place to lay our heads in GR. 
That house was such a blessing to us. (And of course, we miss our friends and family there)
But we only have good wishes for the new homeowners.
They got immediate possession at signing. We even left a message in the driveway for them.
They've already told us they are loving the house, enjoying the pool, and that they've lost track of how many kids have been over. 

I am missing the scenery of taking quiet walks on the Blandford Nature Trails that were so close to us. I took a few photos of my last walk.

I've been taking quite a few walks in our new area. But there's nothing like this within walking distance from our house. I'm dealing with a lot more pavement and traffic. Not nearly as serene. 
But we do enjoy the location of the house we are staying in.
A quick walk to church. We'll likely walk to school most of the time.
The library is close. Several parks are within easy driving distance.
We have a good backyard and can easily have groups over.

My mom came last weekend and helped me have a garage sale.
I had a garage sale back in May. But we didn't get rid of nearly enough before moving. 
We were stowing 7 extra lamps in our living room. :) They've all been sold now.

We are really enjoying connecting with people and making new friends. We are people that like to connect and be connected. Seems to be quite a few others here that feel this way too.
We are starting to get things lined up and the school year schedule is winding up to begin.

Unfortunately, I just haven't taken too many pictures of our activities here yet. 

But just wait....we are squeezing in a quick camping trip before school starts.
Anticipate the adventures. :)