Sunday, November 13, 2016

Heath turned 4!

Heath turned 4. 
11 days ago. But hey, still going to blog about it. 

He was our smallest baby by quite a bit (8lbs. 10oz) - although he was my toughest labor. He was the last one to walk, a little slow to talk....but ahead of his brothers in other ways! 

His birthday was the day after we returned from our Colorado trip. So, well, we didn't do a whole lot besides jumping into regular life.
I took him to Toys R Us while his brothers were at school. They give you a crown and a balloon on your birthday. And he had a $3 off coupon that I let him pick out something with. I let him pick out a new Paw Patrol pup that he didn't have.
He requested pizza and applesauce for dinner. We opened cards and gifts. We had some cake. And we were still recovering from a 3-hour time difference adjustment. :)

He's a pretty easy to please kid, so I think he enjoyed his day quite a bit.

Here's what Heath is like at the age of 4:
- He likes puppies, turtles, and frogs. He has a very special stuffed frog that is named "Speckles."
- He still doesn't usually pronounce "s" when it is at the beginning of some words. Thus, he actually calls his frog "peckles".  And he likes to play the game "Pot It" (Spot It). He likes "tickers" (stickers). And he likes to "nuggle" (snuggle).  
- He loves trying to keep up with his older brothers. 
- He loves having books read to him. 
- He attends preschool 2 mornings a week at our church (from 9am - 1pm). He really enjoys it. His favorite part is usually eating his lunch at school. 
- He still gets pretty shy in really busy social settings or with new people.
- His voice is pretty cute and distinct. A little robotic still. Get him going and he can be quite chatty.
- Still a big fan of trains, tow trucks, fire trucks and cars. 
- He gives great hugs (when he wants to).
- Speaking of "when he wants to".....he's starting to get an opinion and agenda of his own. Seeing some pouting and defiance.
- He repeatedly tells us he wants someone to share a room with. He is very sad about it. Landon and Tate wear the same size of clothes and get up at the same time for school....makes sense that they share a room. And mom and dad share a room. Poor kid feels left out.
- He can be pretty sensitive to the feelings of others.
- We think he is so adorable and are so thankful to be given him as a gift to our family!