Wednesday, August 29, 2018

15 Years of Fighting

We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last week. 

I look at the bright, shiny, freshly married couples we know.....and I feel like 15 years is a LONG time! But then I look at the more weathered and wise couples around us that are celebrating decades or a half of a century together.....and I feel that we are babes that have hardly begun to experience our life! 

Either way, 15 years of being married has been a gift that we cherish! We are aware (most days) that we should never take a single day for granted. We complement each other pretty well and from the very beginning of our relationship, we know where our priorities and eyes should be fixed. I wouldn't have had it any other way. If his affections were not on God, he wouldn't have stood a chance with me. 

And that's what's been most pivotal for us and kept us together. I wouldn't know how to love Adam very well if I didn't have Scripture and Jesus to guide me. I would stink at it. I just know it. 
And I'm human and slow and stubborn at times, so some days I still stink at it. But that's where grace and forgiveness comes into play. Which again, I wouldn't fully understand if it wasn't for Jesus. 

I recently heard a quote that "Marriage is an adventure, like going to war." (Chesterton). And I thought, "YES!" Not that we are going to war against each other.....but that we have entered into a lifelong challenge and commitment to fight for one another and for our marriage.

Some days I can almost feel Satan and my own evil desires breathing down my neck. Tempting me to be critical of my husband. Trying to tell me that I'm not doing a good job. That Adam's not doing a good job. Making me look around at others around us and compare finances, credentials, or looks. Tempting me to be cold because I felt he was cold towards me. Using a simple miscommunication to cause my anger to flare when it wasn't even his fault that the text didn't go through. Sheesh. Every day we can encounter things that can drive a wedge between two people that are ON THE SAME TEAM! 

Anyways. Fight for a good marriage. It's worth it. 

Our anniversary weekend lined up nicely with a wedding invitation that we had in GR. And it also lined up very nicely with my mom's availability to keep our boys for a few nights. So, we booked a sweet little Bed and Breakfast outside of South Haven and made a weekend of it. (My apologies that we didn't take great pics....a couple of phone pics will have to suffice).
If you knnow me at all, you know I love a good bathrobe.

The house only had 3 guestrooms and we enjoyed chatting with the other couples in the mornings over generous portions of scrumptious breakfast foods! The Kal-Haven bike trail was literally a few hundred yards from the house. Too bad Adam sold his bike 2 weeks before ("What?!?! You knew we would be riding bikes on our anniversary weekend! It was one of the perks of where we booked! Why would you sell your bike?!?!!!!") (I'm just showing you my tendency to let stupid things come between us). Anyways. 

We still brought along my bike and he looked stunningly handsome on the purple cruiser that the hosts had in their garage for us to use. (Don't worry, we met up with someone from a Craigslist ad on the way home and he has a bike again). We explored South Haven, did some window shopping, walked the pier, etc. An absolutely lovely time together. 

And my goodness, everyone should attend a wedding so close to their anniversary. Such a good reminder of your vows. But this wasn't just a wedding. Don't get me wrong, I could probably get teary watching complete strangers get married. Any bride walking down that aisle would probably get me choked up. And maybe I just found it all more moving because it's our anniversary and we've had a rough year that has brought us closer. This wedding though, this one will likely go down in the memory bank. I lost track of how many times I got choked up! I couldn't tell you what the flowers or centerpieces looked like....I'm sure they were probably lovely, but it's not those things that leave an impact on me. 

Even though the vows were recited after the pastor, I've never heard a bride say them with such genuineness. She sold it and I had to swallow real hard and blink back tears with her last line of "You are my beloved." Then it was followed by the groom's sisters singing an a cappella version of "It is Well" while the bride and groom participated in washing each other's feet. And hearing the toasts and testimonies of their family members during the reception. WATERWORKS! The young couple is certainly in love, but it was also incredibly clear that their faith had guided them and brought them to this point in time and is what would lead them on. (And this young woman didn't deal solely with the typical teenage and young adult stuff....She'd battled cancer starting at the age of 11.) I don't know that I have ever felt so privileged to witness a wedding before. We saw this young man go through middle school/high school and we are so proud of who he is and the woman he has partnered in life with. 

(And to everyone else whose wedding I have attended....Yours was absolutely lovely as well. Don't worry, I'm sure I got teary-eyed and choked up. It's what I do.) (And sorry for not including a pic of us schnazzied-up for the wedding. You'll just have to imagine how nice we looked).

So grateful that Adam and I had the chance to get away and enjoy each other's company for a few days. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tate turns 9!

Better late than never. Thanks to my mom documenting my documenting, she recently pointed out that I hadn't done a blog post for Tate's birthday.....So, here I am. 

Tate turned 9. It fell shortly following our trip out west, falling on the day of an out-of-town family wedding reception, and right before he left to spend a week with grandma at church camp. We celebrated, but not in typical fashion. 

We let him pick out a restaurant the night before his birthday as we drove out of town. He made his usual choice, Buffalo Wild Wings, where he can eat chicken-with-the-bones-in-it dunked in hot sauce and where they have free tablets for kids to play. The servers shouted at him (it's what they do instead of singing) and brought him a dessert. 

My creature of habit's request for his birthday was to go fishing. Third year in a row he's made this request. Adam made arrangements with a buddy of his in the GR area and they went out on his boat early in the morning to do some fishing. 

Adam had seen online an event at a youth center in GR where they were going to be unveiling a new Ninja Warrior Course at their facility. Happened to be on Tate's birthday. There were giveaways, bouncy things, and the chance to meet a couple of American Ninja Warrior competitors. Stuff that boys' dreams are made of. 

Then we attended a family wedding reception. It was a lovely occasion, but probably not what little boys' dreams are made of. :)......But Aunt Jaime was there from DC and brought lots of table activities to keep the boys happy and occupied and then she kidnapped them to take them back to her hotel for some pool time. They didn't have suits with them, so she even took them to Meijer where she let them pick out new towels and swimsuits. 

Tate said it was a great birthday. Next year for his 10th birthday, I promised him a party with friends-if that's what he wants. We will avoid taking any trips/vacations at that time. :) 

Here's what Tate is like at 9:
- Could spend hours and hours examining bugs, rocks, creatures, water, etc. Loves nature and the outdoors. Some of his prized possessions are geodes, animal bones, and "really cool" dead bugs. 
- Has trouble finishing books. Doesn't have trouble starting them. He gets $1 for every chapter book he finishes. 
- Got a Garmin VivoFit Jr for his birthday. It tracks his steps and activity. He typically has more steps than his dad and older brother who also have fitness trackers. The kid doesn't sit still for long. 
- He can be really loud at times (random yelling and noises)....but also extremely quiet at times and a deep thinker and asker of deep questions. 
- A very restless, active, and light sleeper. Even anxious at times. We got him a weighted blanket. Not sure if it has helped much as he's usually pushed it off of him. 
- He's long and tall for his age. His feet are the same size as mine. He is 9! I wear a women's size 7.5/8. 
- He has moments of being very sensitive and showing deep concern for others. It really bothers him when others are picked on or left out. He has a very generous heart. 

He is an absolute gift and we are so blessed to have him in our family! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

South Dakota

We road tripped it to South Dakota for a vacation! 

I actually had someone ask me why we would go to South Dakota. 
Uh, super easy answer..... 
There's people that we love there!

So, the bulk of our trip was about spending time with Adam's mom and stepdad.
Kevin grew up there and they've owned a place there for years, but they officially retired and moved out there about 2 years ago. The boys had never gone out there. Adam and I last went 13(!)(What?! Time flies!) years ago.

We took a few trips with them to some amazing sights on a few different days, but we also spent a fare amount of time just enjoying time at their place together.
On the route there, we stopped at Wall Drug for dinner.
I'm hoping they boys will re-enact this photo in 20 years for me. 
Hanging out at Mt.Rushmore.

Sylvan Lake

This was our favorite wildlife on the Wildlife Loop at Custer State Park.
The rest of the animals were hiding.
Devil's Tower (Wyoming)
People climb this thing!

Spearfish Canyon

And dinner at a biker bar in Sturgis

 We also enjoyed hanging out together at thier house.

Eating at Grandma's counter.

The boys got lessons in slingshots.

Setting up targets in the backyard.

And the older two boys got lessons in shooting guns. And don't ask Adam who won in a shooting contest between him and I. (IT WAS ME!!!) 

Grandma is pretty famous for her Schleich animal collection. The boys love playing with them.

I've requested being considered to have this named to me in their will.

The neighbors showing up to bale the frontyard.

A tub of water entertained these boys for HOURS on a couple of hot days!
And a neighbor happens to own some animals that were fun to see:

Please don't decide to ram our truck! Pretty please! 

Adam and I even got to have a hiking date one morning and hiked to the top of Bear Butte 
(the boys thought it was more fun to call it Bare Butt). 

The boys had a fun treasure hunt at Mt.Rushmore. My brother and his family had visited this site last month on their vacation adventures. He created a map for them and buried a treasure off of the trail a little ways for them to locate! They thought it was quite fun! 

And a few other pictures to remember:
We went to multiple locations where there were fun rocks to climb on. This is the boys getting a talk about how they need to be careful if they don't want to fall and get hurt/die!

Tate really wanted to find an abandoned deer antler out in the abundance of acreage. And he did! Tate is easily our biggest nature/outdoors/rocks/water/creatures lover. He's already asked if he can come back and stay for a month.
 And special times with grandma and grandpa:

Overall, it was such a nice time away as a family and we made some good memories! The boys can now fully picture what grandma and grandpa's house looks like....too bad it's a 15-hr car drive away! Plus, we saw some BEAUTIFUL sights and locations and enjoyed having some slower days of relaxing. This girl would nearly always choose mountains, scenery, and a slower pace over busyness, cities, and commercialization. 

Monday, July 09, 2018

Take me out to the ballgame.....

This may be the only season in which all 3 boys are playing the same sport. Granted, none of them were on the same team, but still....we just had one type of equipment to gather and keep track of.

Heath played t-ball. It was nice that they introduced coach pitch as the season went on. They'd get 3 pitches and if they didn't hit it, they'd still get to hit off the tee. There was never any outs. They would go through the batting order twice. It was nearly always a bit comical and adorable.  
His coach gave all of the kids nicknames at the end of the season.....Heath "One Pitch" Willis. 
(Every single time he'd hit that first pitch from the coach....
thought I might need to explain it for some :) )

Tate played at a machine-pitch level. He enjoyed it and the coaches were really great at teaching and engaging the boys. His favorite parts were hitting and playing catcher. I found his games the most fun to watch. There were still some nail-biters, but it wasn't super intense. His team ended up coming in 2nd place for the season and he was pretty impressed that he was the first boy in the family to bring home a trophy! 

Landon didn't really want to play baseball...he would have much rather played soccer, but we encouraged made him give it a try, telling him it would be good to get more acquainted with the sport so that when middle school PE rolls around he knows how to better catch and throw. And we figure it's always good to do things out of your comfort zone every now and then. He was at the kid-pitch level. This level is considerably more intense than the level Tate was at. Some of these boys really knew what they were doing and some of these parents took it much more seriously! He's usually a pretty joyful and easygoing kid. It was hard to watch him not enjoying himself and being uncomfortable. He struggled with having a good attitude and we had to spend a lot of time encouraging him.....but his team was one of the better in the league and they ended up winning their tournament and bringing home a trophy. That made it a little better.

Sports are great for a number of things, but we are determined to not let it become "everything" to our boys. Sports played pretty significant roles for both Adam and I and gave us so many positive lessons and avenues. But it has become so intense these days and there is an insane pressure to groom your kid to be able to even play at the high school level.  It's just not what we want to be about. We do hope they have fun, learn to be a part of a team, challenge themselves, strategize, respect their coaches, find ways to be active, and....have fun. So far, so good.