Thursday, July 06, 2006

Becca's Stompin' Grounds

We headed to Indiana for the 4th of July holiday. Super fun! It was great to see so many friends and family members. I have tons of pictures, but I'll try to just put a few of my faves on here.
- Cook-out with Paul/Misty and Pat/Shannon! And getting to meet little Samantha Rose!
- Spending time with Mom and Kim during Mom's chemo treatment. Not to mention carrying McDonald's back in the pouring rain. It could've been raining harder! ;)
- Letting little Katherine fall asleep on me! She's such a sweetie!
- Playing Bocce Ball around the yard. If only Adam didn't have to win every time.
- Seeing the Peterson clan! Glad that you'll be moving a little closer! (Still too far away!)
- Watching the nieces and nephew play with sparklers (and Dan trying to light them!) And running around playing with squirt guns with them!
- Celebrating Michelle, my soon-to-be-sister-in-law, with a bridal shower!
- Getting to see the Mustapha's! It's been way too long!
- Celebrating Grandpa and Grandma Jackson's 59th wedding anniversary!!

There was lots of other wonderful times as well.