Monday, October 23, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Strahm

Congratulations to Phil and Michelle!!!

They had a lovely wedding day. It's still a little weird realizing that my little brother really isn't that little anymore. I'm very proud of how he's turned out though and couldn't be any happier to have Michelle joining our family! Love you guys!!

What a pretty bride......

These are my nieces, the 3 flower girls, spinning in their dresses. I really think they thought the day was for them. It was cute. Upon seeing the bride, one of them said something along the lines of..."Who's that in the big white dress?! (sounding a little dismayed that someone else might have a prettier dress than her) ......She doesn't have a big red stripe though (sounding very satisfied and proud)."

This picture was taken after the day was all over. The picture doesn't actually show how exhausted we were! Adam had the honor of being the video guy and I think he did a smashing job. (he has lots of hours of editing to do....but he always works hard when given a task and I know he'll do an amazing job for them).

Me and my dad.

Plus, since the wedding was in the Colombus, OH area, we got to stay with my best bud/college roomie and her husband! Thanks for putting us up guys! So good to spend some time with them. I just wish we lived closer....

Overall, it was an excellent weekend. I'm officially and completely over my pneumonia. It's good to be home though and try to get back to our semi-normal life.