Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the last two weeks....

It's been a few weeks, here's what has happened with us:

We got our entryway and staircase completed. We worked really hard, but it looks really nice! We scraped and sanded down the trim and got it ready for fresh paint. We also textured and painted the walls. Carpet was laid over the stairs and at the top of the stairs on the landing. Adam has been working on the doors. They all have lovely old doorknobs, but we're deciding to replace them since most of them don't work. I like it when doors
can latch shut. Call me crazy. Adam also built a linen closet upstairs. It's lovely. Pictures don't do this work justice! Please come over and see it!

My college roomie, Adriane, came to visit for a few days. She drove all the way from Ohio to see me. I think she likes me. :) I like her too. There would've been a picture, but we bummed around in comfy clothes most of the time and didn't bother to do ourselves up. That's true friendship right there.

We also celebrated Christmas! Wahoo! It was a very nice time with family and friends. We had the chance to host Adam's mom and Kevin and Adam's sister, Jaime with us for several days. Mucho fun.

We also had Adam's dad, Maria, Ty, and Ryn over for Christmas morning. And had the chance to celebrate with the extended Willis side later on Christmas day.

This is Ty modeling his new Tiger boxers for us.

Adam spent some time hunting also. He wanted to get one more deer this season. Unfortunately, they were hiding everytime he went out into the woods. Those darn smart deer.

This past weekend, my parents and grandparents came for a short visit. We had fun playing games all afternoon. I was glad Gma and Gpa Jackson could make the trip as they don't get around as well anymore. It was very enjoyable to be able to spend time with them at our home! Plus, mom cleaned up most the afternoon on the game table. That doesn't happen very often! We'll get to see more of my side of the family this weekend for our Christmas gathering. Nothin like spreading the holiday cheer out!

There were other things that happened here and there, but I won't bore our avid readers with too much detail.