Monday, January 15, 2007

Strahm Christmas

So....I'm a little slow with posting things. We had the Strahm Christmas on Jan.6. Lots of fun! 15 people in a room that is feeling tighter every year! ( and a bigger room!....ahem...we don't feel like we can bring anymore kids into the family!) It was a great time. We were spoiled to be able to spend time with you all! It was lots of fun playing games, eating way too much, watching the kids run around like houligans, and everything else in between.

We didn't take any group pictures this year....but this is a picture of me and my 3 brothers from LAST year's Christmas. I think they are darling. I just wanted to give a visual for everyone who doesn't know them.

Princess Alyssa was elated to get a beautiful ballerina outfit. She was no longer interested in opening up any other presents. She then proceeded to the other room where she performed for herself through the reflection of the TV. This was probably my favorite moment of the weekend!

And see, Adam does like kids!!! Although I'm not sure how much Morgan is enjoying this squeeze!

We're looking forward to Strahm Vacation '07 in St. Louis!